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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re new to the badminton community, we offer some explanation for a few things here.

When is the badminton season?

Badminton is played during the winter months, usually between the start of September and end of April.  This is when competitive matches are played and we also offer a practise session against other members of our club each week.  Our club also play during the summer months and offer a practise session once a week.  Not all clubs run over the summer so we often welcome visitors from other clubs in the local area over the summer too.

What is club night?

This is the night, once a week, when we offer the chance for club members (and visitors) to meet up for a practise session.  For current times,see our home page.

What is match night?

This is the night when our competitive home matches are scheduled.  Our members will also play competitive away matches on other evenings during the week dependent on when other clubs hold their match night.  For current times,see our home page.

How much is it to join?

We offer our members a winter fee and summer fee.  Winter membership entitles club members to participate at club night for no further fee and makes members eligible for competitive matches where they must pay a match fee.  Summer membership entitles club members to participate at club night during the summer months.

Visitors to the club are charged a fee to cover the costs of hiring the venue and using shuttlecocks.

For current fees, see our home page.

Can I join a team?  Do I have to join a team?

You must be a member of the club to be eligible to join a team.  However, not all members are required to play in a team if they do not wish to do so, although competitive play is encouraged.  Team selection is made over the summer of the season preceding the next winter season by the club selection committee.  They take into account the wishes of members to play in certain teams and attempt to balance team membership fairly to everyone.

Do you offer coaching?

We do not offer official coaching from a qualified coach.  However, the club has experienced players that will help you with some informal coaching if you need some help to improve your game.

Can I try out club membership?

Yes, we welcome visitors to the club so if you want to come and play with us for one or more sessions then you’re very welcome to do so.  We’d love you to eventually join us but wont take offence if you don’t.

What standard do I need to be?

We do not accept absolute beginners to the club.  You should be able to hit a shuttlecock over the net and would generally have played the game before.  It’s not a requirement that you have played at club or league level before so if you play with friends or perhaps colleagues at work then come and give us a try.  We have a range of standards at the club from players of a more social standard right through the range of very experienced county players.  We also have a range of teams for members to play in of varying standards.

What shuttlecocks do you play with?

We use feather shuttlecocks at club night and during matches.  It is a requirement of the leagues we play in to use feather shuttlecocks and so we practise at club night with the same.